Unusual vehicle attracts curious

Lawton_Some residents have spotted an unusual looking vehicle in Northwest Lawton.  It's the TIV - Tornado Interceptor Vehicle - that was brought to Lawton for an overhaul.  In November we told you of how some storm chasers, who have a show on the Discovery Channel, were using the vehicle to document tornadoes.

But, since it left the Great Plains Technology Center, viewers have spotted it parked in a Lawton neighborhood.  They say it's been seen at the 1300 block of Northwest Elm and it's a mystery why it's there - right out in the middle of the street.  It's hard to miss the nine-ton metal mobile machine.  And, because of its size and odd appearance, it's been the talk of the neighborhood.  "I have never seen anyone around it, so I was just kind of puzzled," says resident Delana Fortune.  Some weren't that impressed, but it did spark a lot of conversation and most suspected immediately that it was some sort of weather-chasing device.

David Post is a weather fanatic.  When he drove by the vehicle, he did a double take when he saw the TIV.  He had just seen it on television last week.  "I saw this vehicle and got to see it was about storm chasing, and here we are and it's in Lawton, Oklahoma.  It's pretty neat," he says.

The Tornado Interceptor Vehicle has been seen on national television, and this particular vehicle already has seen a few tornadoes.  It gives never-before seen pictures inside a tornado.  The TIV seen around Lawton has been parked at its location for close to two weeks at the home of one of the locals who worked on it.

The newest TIV is expected to have work done on it by the Great Plains Technology welding students and should arrive at the school Tuesday.  It should be ready for the Discovery Channel's "Stormchasers" series expected to be filmed in March