New city code to get your trash thrown out

Lawton_The town is divided -- either your trash is picked up in cans by hand, or picked up in carts by the new automated trucks. But starting Wednesday, there are new rules on how you can throw away your trash if you're still using cans. In November the city started enforcing the code to only pick up two 35-gallon cans per household. But after that caused a good amount of grief across town -- Tuesday, council amended the code to allow you three cans.

City council member Jeff Patton wants people to appreciate that the city picks up twice a week, and doesn't make you separate your trash -- something most communities have to deal with. "I think this trash deal is a bunch of -- it's getting blown way out of proportion -- I think it's a bunch of garbage," Patton said. "I mean, we pick up twice a week, if you've got more garbage, you know what? Set it out in two days and they'll come back by and pick it up."

So here's how the new trash code breaks down. For people still using cans, now it's a little easier, because you're allowed a third 35-gallon can *or* six trash bags *or* a combination of two bags equal to one can. For people using the new automated carts the equation is simple -- if it doesn't fit in the cart, it's not going on the truck. "We hardly ever hear any arguments out of any of the cart areas," said Jayson Powell, the Assistant Superintendent of Solid Waste Collection. "The biggest argument we have is when we start putting them out in a new area, they want to know when they are getting their can, and why can't we hurry up and go faster?"

And now council is in fact trying to make it faster. Before it was a ten-year plan to get the entire town on the automated system -- but the mayor asked the council to start thinking of ways to build the new carts into the budget and hopefully get the rest of the city automated in just two years.

Remember that the code is still the same on what you can *not* throw away -- like appliances, construction debris, and tires to name a few. Those need to be placed out for the quarterly clean ups like we have this week.