Fire breaks out in Comanche County oil field

Comanche County-An oil field fire Wednesday had Comanche County's rural fire departments scrambling.  It went up so fast and so violently, firefighters were worried they wouldn't be able to keep up.  The call came in around 1:00pm that a fire had broken out in an oil field just off New Hope Road between Trail Road and NE 120th Street.

A fuse blew on some oil field equipment. That caused sparks and the next thing workers knew, the entire area was up in flames. Before it was over, it had consumed 50 acres.

J.D. Brice was working in the oil field when it all started. He says a fuse blew off a pump jack, and the next thing he knew, he says he saw what looked like lightning in the sky.  He says they tried to run over and put the fire out, but it got away from them.  Then he began to panic.  "Look around you.  All this was kind of scary," Brice said.

But, the outcome was good.  Hulen Fire Chief Heith Renschen says when they arrived, the fire was contained to the north side of the field.  He says they only lost about 50 acres, which is nothing compared to what could have happened if one of the oil tanks had caught fire.  "It could have been really bad," says Renschen.  "There's no telling.  There's houses just on the other side of that ridge line, and we don't want to lose any property if we don't have to."