Randlett family suffers two devastating losses over 3 mos.

Randlett_A Texoma family lost their mother to cancer just three months ago.  It was her dream to raise her family in rural Oklahoma.  She was able to start living her dream and pass it on to her family.  But Monday, the family watched that dream go up in flames.

David Jensen and his four children lost their house outside of Randlett.  The family had wanted to keep building on the home after she passed.  But now, they've lost their home in addition to the heart of their family.  The military family had moved around so much, it was difficult to find a place to call home - now, it's gone.

Everything they owned was destroyed.  The one precious thing in the home firefighters were able to recover was his late wife's urn.  "Just having that means more to me and the kids, because that was something we were going to save of her forever," says David.

Although the Jensen family was somewhat prepared for her death, they didn't prepare themselves for the loss of her legacy.  Randlett, the Jensen's hometown, embraced the family so openly that they've grown attached, and the entire community has pulled together to see that the Jensen's needs are met.

"Things happen for a reason," David says.  "We don't always know why.  Maybe this was her way of getting another foot up.  Helping us get the renovations to the house - rebuilding stuff."

Now, the Jensen's are living in a temporary home at Sheppard Air Force Base.  And, the base, along with the community of Randlett, will submit the family's story to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.  If the family isn't chosen, a new house will be raised through a community effort.

If you would like to help the Jensen family, you can donate to the special David Jensen Union Square Credit Union Account #501-399-037.  Gift cards or other offers can be mailed to David Jensen, General Delivery, Randlett, OK, 73562.  The family appreciates all the clothing donations they've received, but at this time, they have what they need. 

If you would like more information about how you can help, call Dondee Brown at 580-281-0167.