Waurika Lake keeps wildfire from spreading

Jefferson County_Firefighters battled a raging wildfire near Waurika Lake.  The Jefferson County sheriff says the call came in around 1:30pm, and it took firefighters almost four hours to extinguish it.

As far as we know, there were no homes or structures damaged in the blaze.  However, it did get within about 100 feet of a business.  Speculators say they believe the fire started when someone dumped some ashes yesterday.  They thought they were out, but they had re-ignited.

It took over six fire departments to put out the flames - Addington, Waurika, Corum, Hastings, Claypool, Comanche and Ranch.  The fire started to head north toward Waurika Lake, which stopped it, but if the winds had continued to blow east, it could have hit some homes.

It's unclear how many acres the blaze covered, but they're currently measuring the area to determine how much damage was done.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.