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Fight at strip club leaves soldier with stab wound

Lawton_Saturday, Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley says Sidewinders Club was the scene of a fight that sent a soldier to the hospital with a puncture wound to his chest.  The victim was taken to Reynolds Army Hospital and investigators handcuffed and questioned two people for the crime. 

But, the club's owner says it didn't happen anywhere near his club.

Stradley says a group of soldiers were kicked out of the club and started fighting in the parking lot, and the fight ended with a soldier getting stabbed.  The owner of Sidewinders, Jeff Carroll, says the group of intoxicated soldiers were trying to take pictures of the female dancers, and that's why they were kicked out. 

When a fight broke out in front of the club, Carroll says the bouncers had to pepper spray the group.  "It makes them want to stop fighting, it just settles them right down," he says.  "They stop worrying about fighting and they worry about their face burning a little bit.  And so we administered pepper spray, and at that point they left."

Carroll says that's when the club called 911 to report the fight, and then called a taxi to take the guys home.  But, when the sheriff's department got there, they found a soldier with a stab wound.  "The victim thought he had been- he was just real sore, thought he had a real bad bruise," says Stradley.  "[I] got to checking him over and he had a stab wound to his chest."

Sheriff Stradley says they knew the fight happened outside of the club's door, so that's where they think the soldier was stabbed.  But, the club's owner says the group left the property with nothing worse than pepper spray burns.  "I don't know what happened, but I know what didn't happen," says Carroll.  "And what didn't happen was what they said happened in there, it didn't happen here."

Carroll doesn't want Fort Sill to ban soldiers from coming to his club because, he says, Sidewinder's is one of the safest places for soldiers to hang out.  "We try to give them that break that they don't get on post.  But it gets difficult sometimes because it's too easy to blame us, something happened, and i get frustrated with that," he says.

Sheriff Stradley says they will interview the victim Monday.  Their investigation is still ongoing.  The Sheriff is also looking into whether the victim may have fallen and stabbed himself with something on the ground.  Count on 7News to continue to follow the investigation.

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