Did he murder his brother?

Lawton_In May 2005, investigators were called to a suicide at a northwest Lawton home.  Gregory Maurek told investigators that his brother, Peter, had shot himself.  But, evidence quickly led authorities to alter the course of their investigation.  The force behind a powerful gunshot at close range was the cause of death, but the bullet entered through the back of the victim's head, leading investigators to suspect foul play.

Testimony began Tuesday at the Comanche County Courthouse, with several investigators taking the stand, including the lead crime scene investigator.  One of the first investigators on the scene testified that Peter Maurek could not have shot himself when the point of entry for the bullet was the back of his head.

Lawton Police Department Crime Scene Investigator Tommy Harrell showed graphic pictures of the scene.  Because the shot caused blood to spatter throughout the room, he says the deadly shot could only have been fired at close range and since the entry was from behind his head, Peter could not have shot himself from that angle.

Harrell also showed a detailed photo of the victim's hand. Harrell says had Peter done the shooting himself, there would have been blood on the hand that held the gun, but the picture displayed for the jury showed no blood.  Harrell said after he and other investigators also discovered questionable evidence at the scene, including a .50 caliber gun lying on a table, Gregory Maurek became a suspect.

An OSBI gun expert told the jury about the features of the high-caliber gun believed to have been used.  But, during cross-examination, the defense attorney noted that this type of gun could have fired on its own, had it been dropped hard enough.  He says it could have been an accident.  The OSBI agent agreed, but deemed it unlikely.

The defense should present their case in court some time Wednesday.  It is not clear if the suspect will take the stand.  The proceedings should close by the end of the week.  If convicted, Maurek could be sentenced to life in prison, or life without the possibility of parole.