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Evidence mounts against Maurek

Lawton_More evidence points in the direction of accused murder Gregory Maurek.  Wednesday was day two of his first degree murder trial.  He stands accused of shooting his own brother at close range. 

In May 2005, police originally were called to a suicide, but investigators say the evidence shows Peter Maurek couldn't have pulled the trigger.  The prosecution continued pleading its case against Maurek, and presenting its toughest testimony yet. 

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's Crime Scene Reconstructionist, Iris Dalley, told the jury that not only did evidence show Gregory pulled the trigger, she says it proves he turned the safety button back to the on position after he shot his brother.  After that, she says he placed it on the table. 

Dalley told the jury there was no way a gun could have reloaded itself and automatically return itself to the safety position.  Yet, this is the way investigators say the gun was found - reloaded, with the safety on.  Dalley told the jury that a shirt found on a nearby chair had blood spatters on it.  She says Gregory wore it but later took it off.  Dalley also showed the jury that blood spatters fell downward after going airborne.  She says this fits the pattern of a gun being shot in an upward position forcing blood to propel up, then fall down. 

The prosecution says it believes Gregory shot Peter in the back of the head while both men were standing.  Under cross examination, the defense asked about Dalley's analysis.  They wondered why Gregory's blood stained pants were not analyzed along with his shirt.  The defense accused Dalley of not being straightforward in her testimony, and at one point, addressed the judge.  The frustrated defense attorney accused Dalley of avoiding answering important questions.  "If I asked her what time it is, she'd say she'd have to build a watch," he said.

7News expects that the first order of business Thursday morning will be for the defense to call its first witness.  Count on 7News to bring you more as the trial progresses. 

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