West Texas Rehab success story: "You stick with me, I'll stick with you"

Abeline_In the past year the West Texas Rehabilitation Center has treated more than 23,000 patients, and not one was turned away.  The center helps individuals whether they can pay for treatment or not.  This week, 7News has brought you their patients' success stories.  This is the final story before the center's telethon Saturday, January 19.

Linda Saxon came to the center after having knee replacement surgery.  She's had so much success that she's optimistic she'll have a full recovery.  She had surgery just eight months ago, but you would never know it by looking at her.  She says she owes it all to the West Texas Rehabilitation Center and her therapists.

"When you're healing, you don't only need your vigorous workouts but you need the emotional support these people give ya," she says.  Her emotional support comes from her therapist Brian Lange.  "He said two words to me and it stuck with me: 'You stick with me and I'll stick with you,'" says Linda.

Lange says the support the center provides to its patients is what sets it apart from the rest.  "West Texas Rehab is just a great place.  We do a lot of good things for a lot of good people," he says.  For Linda, it includes them serving as a surrogate family.  "I feel like this is my family - I truly do," she says.  "I had to go back and have some more work done on my knee.  It was so nice to look up one day and all of these guys were in my room.  They came to visit me.  They don't have to do that.  They go beyond."

"You've got special people like Linda and people that really enjoy coming in and do very well," says Lange.  "They basically become a part of your family and the support center."  While Linda hopes for a full recovery, she says she'll never forget the center.  "It's been one of the best experiences on my life," she says.  "I'll always cherish it.  It sounds crazy to have a knee replaced but this is something I will cherish."

The center is able to offer rehabilitative services to those who need it by having fundraising drives.  They can only do so with the help of donations.  The West Texas Rehabilitation Center's 38th Annual Fundraiser, "Rehab 2008," airs Saturday, January 19, at 7 p.m. on your 7News station.