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Maurek defense recalls expert witnesses

Lawton_Both the defense and prosecution rested their cases in the first-degree murder trial of Gregory Maurek on Friday. 

Maurek is accused of shooting his brother, firing a bullet, at close range to the back of Peter's head - killing him in cold blood.  However, the defense had its day in court, Thursday, and painted the picture of a troubled and suicidal man who took his own life.  According to witnesses called to testify, Peter had problems with drugs, an obsession with guns, and was suicidal leading up to his death.

Judge Aycock adjourned Friday and told the jury that this is a complicated case, with a lot of evidence to review.  So, instead moving ahead to closing arguments today, the trial will resume with final statements Tuesday. 

Friday's final witness was Forensic Scientist Ed Hueske.  Hueske argued Gregory Maurek would have to have been seated in a nearby chair when his brother was shot in the doorway nearby.  He says no blood was found on the seat cushion of the chair he believes Maurek was sitting in.  Hueske argued that the gun could have actually set itself to safety involuntarily after firing.  He also argued that a gun could roll over on itself and engage its own safety.

The defense called two key state witnesses back to the stand: Crime Scene Reconstructionist Iris Dalley and Lead Crime Scene Investigator Tommy Harrell.  Prosecutor Bill Riley asserted the investigation was incomplete.  He says vital evidence was omitted.  Riley questioned Harrell about bloodstains that had not been submitted as evidence. 

According to Harrell, after examination, it was determined that certain bloodstains were not relevant to their area of focus.  But, Riley then questioned Harrell about a trail of brain matter found spread across the carpet.  He wondered how that could be possible if Peter had shot himself.  Riley argued that had Maurek been standing behind Peter - as the state accuses - he would have blocked the trail and most of the blood would have fallen on his shirt.  Evidence reveals only speckles of blood on Maurek's t-shirt.

The trial will resume Tuesday, January 22, at the Comanche County Courthouse.  Count on 7News to continue coverage and keep you updated.

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