Chickasha meat processing plant found packing drugs

Chickasha_The onwer of a Chickasha meat processing plant has been accused of using his plant as a front for an illegal drug operation.  District Attorney Bret Burns said a drug task force served a warrant to Ramon Garcia-Rodriguez of Friday.  Garcia-Rodriguez is a Mexican citizen who owns the meat processing plant just east of Chickasha.  "We believe this is a substantial interference with the drug trade.  We have shut one little pipeline down," said Burns.

Authorities say Garcia-Rodriguez has been supplying marijuana and methamphetamine to Comanche, Caddo, Grady, and Stephens Counties for quite some time.  Burns said a task force that includes Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Chickasa Police, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, and DA Task Force Officers, have been working together for the past eight months to catch Garcia-Rodriguez.  "He was caught on four different video tapes," said Burns.  "Two of those were distribution of meth to an informant.  Two other times he was selling over 20 grams and that's what's called trafficking."

Burns says they also found a fully loaded pistol, one ounce of marijuana, and four to five ounces of crystal meth stashed in various places around the plant.

Garcia-Rodriguez is a Mexican citizen and authorities have notified the Mexican Consulate of his incarceration in the Grady County Jail.  He faces four felony counts of distribution of a controlled substance and trafficking in illegal drugs.  The crime is punishable by up to life in prison and up to a $200,000 fine. Burns says his first court appearance will be on January, 22.  Count on 7News to bring you the latest as this case continues.