"Caribbean Thunder" returns home safely

Lawton_189 soldiers returned home from Afghanistan to a welcome party at the Goodwill Adult Day Care Center in Lawton, and 7News reporter Andrea Charles celebrated the homecoming with soldiers she saw deploy just last year. Friends, the Puerto Rican community and Goodwill Adult Day Care Staff showed their support for the "Caribbean Thunder."

Soldiers gathered around the piano to sing, and enjoy some Caribbean home cooking in celebration of a historic occasion. Captain Colon says the Puerto Rico National Guard Charlie Battery 1st Battalion 162nd Field Artillery were the first unit in the Army National Guard to be called to support to an active duty unit. "First time in history and were very proud," he says.

Staff Sergeant David Morales was a little anxious at the celebration. He had yet to see his family. He has a six-year-old little girl he hasn't seen yet. "I can't wait to tell her I love her a lot and I want to give her the moon," said Morales.

Sgt. Colon says unit cohesion was the key to the mission's success. He says they had a job to do just like every other soldier - and, they did their best. The unit was able to return in its entirety. They came home safely with every man and woman they deployed with.