Shelter from the cold

Lawton_When the weather turns cold, those living on the streets turn to shelters, and with temperatures hovering around freezing, that's what's happening in Lawton.  Both of Lawton's shelters are filled to capacity.  The Salvation Army shelter says they've had a full house for the last week, and they say it will probably stay that way until it gets warmer.

Sherrill Ingram and her family came from Phoenix hoping to start a new life.  But, they fell on hard times and ended up at the Salvation Army shelter.  She, along with many others, say the shelter is saving them from the bitter elements.  "What would I do if there was no place to go?  Probably would be on the streets, and my kids would probably be taken away from me," says Ingram.  "It's hard, hard being on my own with two kids, especially with no place to go."

Linda Daniels from the Salvation Army Shelter says they have beds for 29 people, and she says it has been full because of back-to-back cold nights.  "We'll let them in and give them a place for the night," she says.  "We will give them a place to sleep, a comfortable bed, and a meal before they get back out in the cold again.

For three weeks straight, the shelter has been over capacity, and they've been putting mats on the floor to compensate since they won't turn anyone away.  The shelter not only provides a place to sleep, but a hot meal too.  Those who need the assistance of the Salvation Army are permitted to stay about three days.

For those like the Ingram family, that need some help getting on their feet, it's good news.  Check in time at the shelter is between 6-9:30 p.m. before they lock up for the night.  The C. Carter Crane Shelter is undergoing renovations, and although it's been a little bit chaotic, it hasn't been as full as the Salvation Army shelter.

Lawton Salvation Army Shelter

1306 "E" Avenue

Lawton, OK 73501-4724

Phone: (580) 357-7541

C. Carter Crane Shelter

C. Carter Crane Shelter for the Homeless

1203 SW Texas Ave and 615 Summit

Lawton, OK 73501