GOP, farmers give views on Okla. estate tax

Lawton_Oklahoma State Senate Republican Rural Caucus members discussed their goals for this session - including the state's estate tax.  It can be especially critical for farmers, and that's what Oklahoma Senators talked about Tuesday at the Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton.  They say they want to provide a voice to all citizens of Oklahoma - including those living in rural areas.

7News spoke with Comanche Countyl farmer Dale Coody.  He explained his position is for lawmakers to do something about estate tax as quickly as possible.  He farms goats in Comanche County - it's his life's work.  He says when he passes, his kids will pay the price.  Coody says he's a perfect example of how farm families will suffer under the current tax plan.  "What I have spent a life time accumulating and improving, they're going to have to pay taxes on to the hilt and it's just an absolute unfair tax," he says.

Senator Mike Schultz of Altus (R) says estate taxes are something they plan to address right away.  "Unfortunately a lot of times that a farm or ranch has to be sold...has to be cut up and then sold to pay those death taxes....," he says.  That could mean the end of a family farm.

Other agenda items high on the GOP senators' list are additional motor vehicle taxes dedicated to road and bridge improvements.