Illegal immigrants stopped outside Sheppard AFB

Sheppard AFB_An illegal immigration crackdown, at the gates of Sheppard Air Force Base.  Authorities say eight men were trying to get onto the base, even though they didn't have the proper identification.  That's what caught the attention of a base security guard, and ultimately landed six of those men in jail.  Two others were banned from the base.

Authorities say the men told gate security they were coming to work for a civilian contractor already at Sheppard.  But base authorities didn't know they were coming. If they did, the men would have had an official work order, which would have given them access to the base.

Security officer Michael Collins, a civilian contractor, said when he did the routine check of the vehicle the men were in, he saw their paperwork didn't check out, so he called his superiors.  They ran the names through a federal database and found out six of the men are in the country illegally. They were taken into custody by immigration and customs enforcement.

Sheppard Air Force Base says this is a testament to their training. Since thirty percent of their security forces are deployed, the civilian security personnel are critical to base security.

The six illegal immigrants are being held at the Wichita County Sheriff's office until Immigration and Customs Enforcement decide what to do with them. The two who said they were the supervisors of the other six, have been banned from the base until they have proper identification.