Arson investigation at Lawton daycare

Lawton_A Lawton daycare was forced to shut down after a fire ripped through it.  Even worse, investigators think it was the work of an arsonist.  The Q and R Daycare center on Southwest Roosevelt caught fire around midnight Tuesday.

Investigators believe someone deliberately set the fire because there were three different starting points. The most unusual, a pot of food on the stove with the burner going strong underneath it.  Another starting point was on a couch in the office.  The other was in a classroom in the back of the center.

The daycare's owner, Brenda Stevenson, said 19 children were enrolled in the center.  Right now, all of those families are trying to find new places for their kids.  Stevenson said it will take at least a couple of months to make the repairs needed to re-open.  In the short term, she said she's considering opening a smaller center in her home.

Fire investigators say they have some leads, but no suspects.