Bill and Chelsea campaign for Hillary at OU

Norman_Senator Hillary Clinton sent her two biggest supporters to the University of Oklahoma Campus Wednesday.  Bill and Chelsea Clinton showed their support at a campaign rally at OU in the hopes of rallying more votes.  Clinton is counting on Sooner State Democrats to give her a spot on the ticket for November's presidential race.  7News was among the crowd of thousands in Norman who came to hear why they should vote for Clinton next Tuesday.

Students and supporters alike waited for hours to get inside OU's McCasland Field House, and by the response from the audience, it was well worth the wait to see and hear the former Commander in Chief.  The former president told his wife's supporters that Hillary Clinton will turn the nation's economy around, improve the country's health care crisis, and repair America's relationship with the rest of the world.  He also spoke to the wallets of thousands of college students in the crowd.

Clinton said his visit to OU was not about him - he said he was only there to carry Hillary's message.  "She wants to send a simple, big message to the rest of the world: We're back.  We're back.  America's back," he said.  However, Clinton says getting back to a time of peace and prosperity that he was so fortunate to preside over, will not be an easy task - especially with a country at war.

"She wants to say to the world 'from now on we will practice vigorous diplomacy with friends and foe alike, and use military force only as an absolute last resort - not the other way around'," said Clinton.  The former president says the health of veterans returning from war is only part of our country's health care crisis.

He says Senator Clinton continues to call for universal coverage through plans the American people can buy into.  "If you want a plan that covers everybody, brings costs in line with our competitors, and prevents other illnesses from occurring, then vote for Hillary," he said.  "You'll get a plan that is widely endorsed by medical community, business community, the labor community."

By fixing health care, Clinton says it will add to more taxpayer savings.  He says the same is true for higher education student loans.  Clinton's theory is by lowering and locking interest rates a student have to take out multiple loans.  "No matter how much you borrow, you will always be able to afford that year's payment," he said.  That, he says, means fewer loans will go into default.

Louise Higginbotham says she's supporting Senator Clinton because of her initiatives for early childhood education.  "A lot of them [children] come to kindergarten and they don't know they're last name," she says.  "It's really sad those of us that teach our kids to read at 2 1/2 or three are kind of out of touch with that."  And, how did she feel about the former president's speech?  "I was very impressed, but I was impressed when I voted for him."

On a personal level, President Clinton says he's never seen a world-class change-maker like Hillary.  OU President David Boren says he has put out the invitation to all presidential candidates, inviting them to come to campus.  But, so far only Mitt Romney and the Clinton camp have accepted.

7News Reporter Monte Brown