UPDATE: Two long-time Granite employees accused of embezzlement

Granite_UPDATE_Jon Coakley and Diseree Bull have been charged with embezzlement and released on bond.  The two were accused of issuing themselves duplicate paychecks beginning last fall.  The total amount they stand accused of embezzling since then is $9,000.  School Superintendent Rick Beene says Coakley - who was the school's agriculture teacher - has resigned, and Bull - the Superintendent's secretary - has not been fired, but is currently not working.

There's an investigation into how long two long-time employees may have been embezzling the missing cash.  The accused long-time employees haven't actually been fired, but they aren't currently working at the school.  The word around town is that this is a big shock.  No one would have expected the pair of committing such a crime, they say the two are likeable people.

In a small school of just 260 students, $5,000-$9,000 goes a long way.  Superintendent Rick Beene is taking the investigation very seriously.  "As the superintendent, and speaking on behalf of the school board, we certainly want to be accountable for the money that's being spent here and make sure it's being spent properly," he says.  "The funds of the school are obviously important and are to be spent on the children, and that's very important to us you know."

The school board report is just a preliminary audit of the missing funds.  There hasn't been word on what else the investigation may uncover.  The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is in the process of studying the finances of Jon Coakley and Desiree Bull, who were formerly married.  Bull is the superintendent's secretary.  Investigators say a paper trail shows she had been issuing herself, along with her ex-husband, dual paychecks since last fall.  Coakley is the school's agriculture teacher

Coakley and Bull have been employed by the school for over a decade, and in such a small town word of the suspicious activity traveled fast.  Even so, everyone willing to talk about the accusations is shocked.  Beene says he's worried about how it will effect the school, but he's confident authorities have it all under control.  "Certainly we want the money to go where it's supposed to go, and we want the kids to have it," he says.  "You know, we've got a great school here with great kids doing great things."

OSBI investigators are also confident about the case.  They expect charges to file charges very soon.

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7News Reporter Lindsay Vocht