Some hot spots remain, but 4,000 acre wildfire is contained

Comanche County_Friday, 56 fire departments battled what's been called the biggest wildfire in Comanche County since 2006.  Officials say the blaze that erupted Friday afternoon at the Caddo and Comanche County was being fought until around 8 a.m. Saturday.  Homes were evacuated and residents of Apache were cautioned to remain alert.

The wildfire started on Four Mile Road near Meers-Porter Hill.  Authorities warn residents of the area to continue remain alert and be ready to evacuate as the fire that burned blazed four miles west and three miles east of Apache.

Dry, windy conditions made the blaze difficult for firefighters to control and it spread quickly.  As residents rolled up in their vehicles to see how close the wildfire was to their homes, emergency crews told them that until the fire was under control, all they could do was hope.

Because of the hard work of so many firefighters, not a single person, home, or animal was harmed in the inferno that consumed 4,000 acres and spread across seven square miles.  Paradise Valley Fire Chief Doug Wright says teamwork was instrumental in battling the fire and keeping people, pets, and homes safe.  "Couldn't have asked for a better job done by my fire department, or the rest of the fire departments for that matter," he said.

A resident facing devastation if the flames reached him says he and his family owe everything to the firefighters who put their lives on the line.  He said structures can be rebuilt, and farmland tilled.  But, the fact that no lives were lost is a miracle.  Although thirty homes were evacuated, the only structures damaged were abandoned.

Firefighters faced rough terrain, and even lost a few tires in the battle.  But, around 1 a.m. they finally got a hold of the blaze and left the scene around eight Saturday morning after extinguishing some hot spots.  Looking back, Wright says he knew they were in trouble when the fire erupted Friday afternoon.   "It was just too big and it was going too fast."

A burn ban for Comanche County remains in effect.

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