It's "Super Tuesday"!

Lawton_It's "Super Tuesday" and voting is officially underway in Oklahoma.  Lawton has already seen a larger than usual voter turnout despite the dreary weather.  Oklahoma voters could decide which candidate will pull ahead today.

This is Oklahoma's first time voting in a primary on "Super Tuesday".  The state is one of two dozen states across the nation voting, and the candidates who step ahead in the races today will most likely be the final nominees in the race to the White House.

Also on the ballot is a county sales tax extension to support the jail.  The quarter cent sales tax is set to expire in December, so voters were given a proposition to vote for an extension at only an eighth of a cent, to pay for the jail's operating budget.  Commissioners say if it passes, the tax would bring $1.5 Million to the county.

Count on 7News to keep you updated as the votes are counted.