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Lottery warns Oklahomans of potential scam

Oklahoma City_PRESS RELEASE_The Oklahoma Lottery would like Oklahomans to be aware of a potential scam that seeks personal information from citizens.

Recently, a number of individuals have contacted Lottery headquarters in regards to an email that encourages them to contact the Oklahoma Lottery Commission to claim their cash prize. The phone numbers, e-mail and contact name given in the message are not associated with the Oklahoma Lottery. 

"The Oklahoma Lottery does not use e-mail for winner notifications," said Jim Scroggins, executive director of the Oklahoma Lottery.  "Please use caution when you receive such notifications, because there are numerous scams similar to this that are circulating."

Oklahoma Lottery Security is currently investigating the e-mail and urges anyone who receives such an e-mail to not respond to or provide any personal information to any address in the e-mail.

Released on behalf of the Oklahoma Lottery

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