Talk about close!

Syracuse_Talk about close. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama each got 6,001 votes in Syracuse in the state primary, according to preliminary Board of Elections results.

The odds of that happening are less than one in a million, said Syracuse University mathematics professor Hyune-Ju Kim, who analyzed the state- and city-wide votes.

"It's almost impossible," Kim told the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.

Indeed, the tie no doubt will be broken when election officials add in absentee votes and affidavit ballots, which are similar to provisional ballots used in other states when a voter's eligibility cannot be determined.

A total of 12,346 votes were cast for Democrats in the city in Tuesday's primary. Four other Democrats also received votes: John Edwards, 114; Dennis Kucinich, 113; Bill Richardson, 90; and Joe Biden, 27.

Clinton won the state with 57 percent of the vote to 40 percent for Obama.

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