City Council Agenda Preview

Lawton_Tuesday's city council meeting is changing the books.  A couple things are just routine changes for the city, to update their books, but some mean changes for you.

First, city employees who are also in the military reserve might get an extra pay boost from the city if they're called to service.  The council will decide whether to give employees an extra ten days paid, totaling 30 days on the books, after they've left on duty.

Next, the Comanche Nation is asking the city to rename the entrance to the Comanche Nation Museum and Cultural Center, now located at Elmer Thomas park, to "Ten Bears Way." A few months ago city council addressed the issue of changing street names, because while it shows respect and acknowledgement to influential Lawton leaders, it's also a nightmare for emergency responders postal workers.

Also, Council now wants you to have a city permit to hold a parade.  A few weeks ago city council amended the rules and regulations for a circus or entertainment venue to come to Lawton, simply to close loopholes in the original ordinances. That seems to be the case with their latest amendments, now identifying what a parade is, and where you can have one.

And finally, camping at Robinson's Landing may become seasonal starting this September so the site can close for renovations, meaning if you camp there and store your things, you're going to receive a letter telling you to clear out this fall.