Suspect leaves rifle behind after home invasion

Lawton_A Lawton man is the victim of a home invasion, and one of his assailants left his gun behind.  It happened in the 1700 block of Northwest Ferris; a highly visible area with a lot of through traffic.

Police say the victim was home Monday evening with two of his friends when an intruder burst through his back door.  The victim says he was on his sofa when the masked man began waving a rifle and demanding all of his money.

The victim told police he tried to wrestle the intruder to the floor when two more suspects, one armed with a fence pole, entered through his back door.  The three men briefly fought with the victim and escaped through the back door, leaving their rifle behind - all while the victim's friends hid inside his home.

Neighbors say they aren't surprised by what happened, they say: "what goes around comes around."  "You get what you get around here sometimes," said a neighbor who didn't wish to be identified.  "If you live that lifestyle, it comes along with it I guess."

According to the police report, the neighbor to the east saw three suspects leave the area after escaping in a dark colored vehicle waiting on Ferris.  Many residents say the area is busy and has a lot of nighttime activity.  They say it makes them uneasy, and after Monday night, they don't feel any better.

Some residents even have their own surveillance equipment to monitor the activity in the neighborhood.  "There's a lot of riff raff.  We look out for each other, and the elderly couple that lives next door," says another resident.  "It's very, very scary.  I don't even like getting out at night."

Investigators are in possession of the rifle, and will try to determine who owns it.  So far, they have no suspects, but witnesses tell police the three suspects appeared to be Latino.  They say one of the suspects was wearing a hoodie with a red bandana covering his face.  If you have any information about this crime, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.