"Heroes & Students Construction Company" brings soldiers and kids together

Daxton Holland, founder of H&S Construction Company
Daxton Holland, founder of H&S Construction Company

Duncan_The brainchild of a 14-year-old is bringing students and soldiers together in a brand new way.  Daxton Holland, of Duncan, created "H&S (Heroes and Students) Construction Company" to show youngsters how a soldier's job relates to every day life and America's future.  It allows soldiers - the heroes - to bring their experiences to the classroom.

At the kick-off of the new program on Wednesday, the fifth graders had so many questions for their hero that he didn't have time to answer all of them.  But, the attentetive group walked away from the session with a new image of what soldiers in battle really do.

Sergeant Jairo Calle is an active duty soldier who has served four tours in Iraq.  He says he doesn't see himself as a hero, just a soldier doing his job.  However, the Woodrow Wilson fifth graders insist he's a hero to them.

The students were surprised to learn that the Sergeant Calle's experience in battle hasn't been all about bullets and guns.  It's also been about helping to rebuild a war torn nation, from working with kids to securing and area.  Many students had no idea that in some countries children their own age already are carrying guns, and trained to fight.  Most of the young fighters are never given an opportunity to go to school.

Calle says it's a blessing to be able to share his experiences with kids.  He says he's gratified knowing they appreciate what the military stands for, the job service members do to ensure there is freedom at home and half way around the world.

Organizers say heroes like Calle help motivate today's youth to excel in the classroom, and programs like the H&S Construction Company are the vehicles.  The program hopes other schools will start their own, and invite a soldier to their classroom.

Daxon Holland says so many service men and women have stepped up for us, and this is something he created for us to step up for them.  If you would like to know more about the "Heroes and Students Construction Company" program, visit their website at www.heroshelpers.org, or call them at 580-255-1900.