Neglected horses regaining strength

Stephens County_Neglected, malnourished, and sick horses in Stephens County are showing signs of recovery.  Last December, Sheriff's Deputies found two horses dead, and six others that could barely walk.  Since that time, the Humane Society, veterinarians, and foster homes have been working to nurse the animals back to good health.  But, the Stephens County Sheriff's Department is still trying to locate the person responsible for their neglect.

Sheriff Jimmie Bruner says there have been leads in the case.  They have followed some tips to Texas and Mexico.  Bruner says it's only a matter of time before they find the individual who left the animals to starve to death.  "We have tried to locate a person of interest who was supposed to have been given the horses, and he denies any involvement of that transaction," says Bruner.

If it weren't for a veterinarian, the local Humane Society, and community donations, the horses might not have survived their ordeal.  Tina Hoffman is fostering one of the horses named Annie.  Hoffman works for the humane society, and says Annie was the smallest of the horses three months ago.  Now, she's put on weight.  "A couple of them were in better condition, and she was the thinnest out there, says Hoffman.  "I didn't think she would make it.  I can't even tell you how excited I'm she's doing so well."

Hoffman says the other horses are doing well, too.  Other individuals, including Veterinarian Connie McLemore in Loco, are fostering them.  They are eating special feed, and receiving routine vaccinations.

If you have information about this case, call the Stephens County Sheriff's Department.

The Stephens County Humane Society is still caring for the horses.  If you would like to help, they could use hay, feed, and donations to help pay for veterinary bills.  They can be reached at 580-252-7387.