Great Plains Tech. Ctr. students battle 'bots

Lawton_Life sized robots battled it out Saturday at the Great Plains Technology Center.  Four teams built robots designed to make their way around a course putting six weeks worth of work to the test.  "We either have to get it to go around the track and score points with it or we can get it to go over the hoop to score more points with it," says robot builder Amanda Sosa.

Jason Adams, Fletcher's Technology teacher, says it's no easy task.  All teams worked very hard to get it just right.  "Our students have over 150 hours so far into this," he says.  "Late nights, long nights, pizza, you know that kinda stuff.  You know you design something, and it doesn't work, you go back to the drawing board you start over and try something different."

Amanda's team was still tweaking their robot the day before the test.  "There was a lot of the team that stayed until midnight working on it," she says.  It's all worth it, though, to compete in the state championship.  "We're just basically doing a practice run, it's not exactly like the real deal, but we try to build this practice field to make it as realistic as possible."

The skills they learn from building the robots don't only apply to competition.  "This has been a real opportunity for these students to learn some hands on activities in practical engineering, to maybe give them an opportunity for something in the future," says Adams.

The state championship will be in Oklahoma City, March 20-22.