Duplex goes up in flames, officials suspect arson

Lawton_Fire raged through a Lawton duplex for the second time in only two months, and Tuesday's fire is being called suspicious.  At about noon Tuesday, firefighters had extinguished the flames that had burned through the roof, igniting the neighboring apartment.  Fire officials are saying it's arson.

Deputy Chief Lonnie London says there was no electricity turned on at the duplex, which has been vacant for quite some time.  So, it couldn't have been a utility ignition source.  "It was boarded up - had no power," says London.

Lawton firefighters had some help, too.  Because area fire departments are training this week in Lawton, both Chickasha and Duncan firefighters were able to lend a hand.  "We could see the smoke," says London.  "All the responding units, coming from different areas of town, could see the large column of smoke."

The Fire Marshal's office is still investigating the cause of the fire.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.