Some Native Americans to participate in health study

Lawton_Some Native Americans in Southwest Oklahoma are volunteering for a study that is the first of it's kind.  The "Balance Study", specifically designed for Native Americans.  After a thorough health screening, participants between the ages of 30 and 75 will become a part of a program that could improve their health.

Susan Whitehorse says she wants to be a part it because her lifestyle isn't as healthy as it once was.  She is a grandmother who wants to make some positive changes.

Greg Ketcher is assisting with the study and says Native Americans will find the study appealing because it brings them back to a point in their history when the group's diet was much healthier.

Whitehorse says using her spirituality to become a healthier is her goal.

Native Americans participating in the study will be taught how to grow plus prepare fruits and vegetables for the table.  They'll learn about emotional wellness, nutrition, and physical fitness.  But, they won't have to do it alone.  All participants will have coaches who will help keep them motivated and on track.  Each participant will have health check-ups every six months for the next two years.

There's still room for volunteers, too.  If you are Native American, between the ages of 30 and 75, and are interested in participating, call 405-247-2300.