Comanche County man injured by falling tree

A Comanche County man is in serious condition after a tree fell on top of him Wednesday afternoon.  George Dixon had been cutting firewood southeast of Geronimo when the tree didn't fall in the direction he anticipated.

When emergency crews and air evac arrived, they found Dixon caught under the tree, and local volunteers attempting to free the man.  Sheriff Kenny Stradley says Dixon was cutting wood for the property owners when the 2,000 pound tree fell on top of him.  June West, a friend of the injured man, says her son was outside when it happened, and he ran to the house telling her to dial 911.

Then, her son sprang into action.  He used the winch from a wrecker truck to pull the tree off Dixon.  But, the situation got complicated when air evac arrived.  The helicopter arrived quickly, but couldn't land because the thicket was too dense.  Paramedics had to load Dixon into an ambulance and relocate him a quarter of a mile away before he could be loaded onto the helicopter.

Dixon suffered serious bone fractures in his pelvic area, along with cuts and bruises.  No word yet on his condition.

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