LPS takes no chances, threats are serious matter

Lawton_Lawton Public School officials issued a "complete lockdown" of all Lawton Schools after what they are calling an unsubstantiated threat.  As a precaution, all schools were placed under lock down until further notice.  School Superintendent Barry Beauchamp says they are taking the threat very seriously, and say the students were kept safe for the school day.

The school district has a plan for situation such as this, and they worked hard Thursday to implement it.  Students are home safely for the evening, but the investigation is far from over.  In the wake of all the recent school shootings, school officials and parents say the situation couldn't have been handled better.

Parents were understandably afraid, but Lawton Public Schools didn't take any chances.  Beauchamp says every building was secured and locked down.  School security was heightened, and every building was manned by law enforcement.  "When I went to the door, they wouldn't let me in, asked me what was my business," said Beauchamp.  "They handled it perfectly, I couldn't ask for anything better."

Students were allowed to leave, but were required to show ID before re-entering, a precaution Beauchamp says had to be taken.  "You hope and pray that it is a prank," he says.  "But given our society, and given the happenings in our society, we don't treat anything like they're pranks, they're all real deals."

Beauchamp says school was not cancelled for the day because he says it would have been impossible to contact each and every parent.  School officials say "our goal is for a normal day on Friday", but as always, they will be monitoring any potential threats and treating them seriously.