Suspect caught blatantly paying with counterfeit cash

Lawton_More counterfeit bills have been passed around in Lawton, and police say they have a suspect in custody.  Police say Brandon McConnell was in the drive-thru at Burger King on Sheridan Road when he tried to pay for his order using a bogus bill.  However, fast thinking employees saw it was a fake and called authorities.

Police say there is no doubt the suspect knew the bill was fake, and intentionally tried to use the counterfeit funds.  Burger King Assistant Manager Casey Barbee says it seemed unusual for someone to be paying for their order with such a large bill - especially through the drive-thru.  "About 6 o'clock this morning, had someone come through, order some breakfast and we were passed a $100 bill," he says.  "We marked it like we're supposed to with a counterfeit pens, and it came up that it was a counterfeit bill."

They asked the customer to wait while they made change, but instead they were calling police.  Police say McConnell didn't wait long, that he knew something was up.  But, Burger King employees were able to get his tag number.  Police found the suspect's address, went to his home, and took Brandon McConnell to jail.  "He was positively identified as the person who tried to pass the bill," says Captain Will Hines of the Lawton Police Department.

Burger King, along with other stores in Lawton, have been extra careful in checking cash after  the many reports of counterfeit bills in the area.  "Just yesterday in fact, we were actually passed another $20 counterfeit bill," says Barbee.  Most stores have a firm policy to check all bills larger than $5.

Police say they don't think McConnell is behind the actual counterfeiting, but he will face charges.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.