Bomb threat suspect's neighbor says threatening actions weren't typical

Anadarko_The man authorities say threatened bomb Lawton schools - among other things - is behind bars.  Joshua Hunter, of Anadarko, is accused of making the threat, but authorities are still trying to determine if he meant to follow through on the threat, or if it was empty boasting.

Meanwhile, those in Hunter's hometown of Anadarko are in shock.  They can't believe one of their own could be behind this threat of terrorism.  Residents who know Hunter say it's not like him to do something like that, and especially not something of this magnitude.  They say they are just glad he didn't carry it out.

Lydia Haumpo is a neighbor of Hunter and his family.  She says they're a quiet family.  She has lived next door since the early 80s, and says she's always seen Hunter come and go.  She says what she saw was a nice, quiet young man, which is why the accusation seems so surreal.  "This is not him, not his personality," she says.

Despite her disbelief that Hunter could have done anything like that, it was something she took seriously.  "It hits too close to home, and you get to thinking about what could happen," she says.  "It's just odd - not the type of person.  I just feel bad that the family is being bombarded.  He never posed a threat to us," she says.

Hunter has yet to be formally charged, but is being held on a terrorist hoax complaint.  The Caddo County District Attorney's office says he should be arraigned some time next week.  Until then he remains behind bars.

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