LPS lock down suspect makes court appearance

Lawton_Following the Lawton Public Schools lock down last week, we now know Eisenhower High was the target. You'll remember 20-year-old Joshua Hunter was arrested last Thursday in Anadarko after a woman called Anadarko Police saying Hunter had told her he planned to bomb and shoot up both Eisenhower, and the Chickasha school. The threat caused a day-long lockdown of all schools in both districts.

Tuesday Hunter had his first court appearance, but he wasn't arraigned because he requested a lawyer be present before the judge assigns bail. So he was simply read the charges and told to fill out paperwork to have a public defender assigned to him. But we do have more information on the crime and the charges against Hunter.

In the court affidavit, a witness stated Hunter claimed that he and several others planned to release chemical bombs and shoot students at two local schools. She says the plan called for both attacks to occur within 70 minutes of each other, and the purpose was simply to "make a statement."

That same witness told police Hunter admitted to being involved in an arson attempt behind the Anadarko Police Department that morning. The witness said Hunter asked her if she could smell the gasoline on him. She says hunter also told her of plans to burn down the police department. Police confirmed two suspected arson fires were set around one a.m. on the 20th. Both fires were about a block away from each other and a half a block away from the police station. After Hunter was arrested, police say he admitted to setting one of the fires with his friends.

During an interview, police asked Hunter if he had discussed his plans with anyone, and he responded "not really."

So now we just wait for his next appearance to hear what his bail will be, and that's planned for April.

We reported last week Hunter would be charged with terrorism hoax, which is a felony. Tuesday, prosecutors opened the possibility of a lesser charge. He could be charged with "threatening to perform an act of violence," which can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

An additional count of third degree arson, a felony, was assigned because of the fire near the police station.