Buffalo trapped in pool rescued, but succumbs to hypothermia

Lawton_It's not an everyday occurrence, but residents of Heritage Estates in Lawton got quite a surprise when they looked outside and saw a four-year-old buffalo kicking around in a pool on Wednesday morning.  She had jumped over a fence and fell in.  But, she couldn't figure out how to walk up the steps out of the pool.  It's probably not what Dr. Dr. Brewster Higley had in mind when he wrote 'Give me a home, where the buffalo roam.'

The female buffalo jumped the fence and went for a little dip in the pool, and she needed a hand getting out.  So, it was the Comanche Nation Tribe, and the City of Lawton's Animal Welfare Division to the rescue.  "We go through extensive training, so we can handle most situations," says Robert Sockbeson.

At first glance, the team was worried.  They didn't know how long the four-year-old little girl had been in the pool.  She was cold, and shaking.  Hypothermia was setting in.  "She started to show signs [of hypothermia], so we went ahead and got her back up on her feet," says Stockbison.  Once standing, the animal's circulation started to improve, and she began showing signs of improvement immediately.

The buffalo's saviors brought in a trailer - along with a fellow buffalo - to help coax the young lady in, and after a little struggle, she was inside.  But, sadly, despite everyone's best efforts, the shock and hypothermia proved to be too much for the young cow, and she didn't make it.

This isn't the first time an animal has taken a dip in that homeowner's pool.  The homeowner says that ten years ago a steer went for a swim, too.