"Team Impact" motivates with feats of strength

Lawton_Ensuring that kids make the right decisions in life is a tough job for parents.  But, if you live in Texoma, things could get a little easier with "Team Impact."  The group reaches out to communities through school assemblies that motivate young people to make better choices.  Guiding teens in this way can help build a successful future.

Some Lawton schools had an opportunity to benefit from "Team Impact" this week.  Their mission is to get teenagers' attention.  They break bricks, tear phone books in half, and perform other feats of strength.  At Central Middle School that's just what they did.

Team member Siolo Tavaefa says his passion in life is to motivate young people about positive experiences in life.  "We're going to encourage them to reach their dreams and goals, and 'Hey don't let nothing stand in your way,'" he says.  "If you want to accomplish something, its all about hard work and dedication."

Tavaefa says if "Team Impact" showed up wearing suits and ties, it wouldn't get the kids' attention - they would just tune out.  "Using strength will grab their attention, I believe, and once you get their attention you can get a positive message."

Part of the message is about goal setting.  One idea is to actually put goals in writing, that way they're real - concrete - and that way, the individuals will know what they are working toward.  They also encourage teenagers to dream big, and tell someone about that dream.  They say the kids will have a better chance of a dream becoming a reality if they share it.

Alton Maiden says "Team Impact" is his calling.  "It's probably the most self-rewarding job you can ever do, and also see that so many lives have been changed," he says.

If you would like to check out all the action, or if you would like more information about "Team Impact", visit their website at www.team-impact.com.   The team will be performing at First Baptist East at 3302 SE Lee Blvd., Friday - Sunday at 7pm.  Call 580-355-6190 if you have any questions.