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Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls_Tuesday is Texas' Presidential Primary.  It has candidates doing some major stumping across the state - including former President Bill Clinton.  He is touring several Texas cities gathering support for Mrs. Clinton. 

Clinton was welcomed to Wichita Falls Sunday night by a rowdy crowd, and he was late to his own party - 2 ½ hours late.  But, he made it, and on his agenda, Hillary's solutions for the sluggish economy.  "Hillary says 'the first job of a next President is to restore the middle class and reclaim the future for our kids, and if you vote for me, that's what I'll do!'"

Clinton explained how Hillary plans to relieve the country's economic burden.  "If you vote for Hillary, she'll take away that 50 billion worth of subsidies and unjustified tax cuts for the people at the very top of the income bracket, and invest it in making Texas and America a country that creates jobs again through energy independence, clean energy, energy efficiency - millions and millions and millions of jobs!"

He touched upon Hillary's plan for universal health care.  "Here's how her plan works - if you like the coverage you got, you can keep it," he explained.  "If you don't like it, or you can't afford it, or you don't have it, you can buy into the exact same plan that insures the members of congress and their families, and federal employees and theirs.  If it's good enough for our family, it's good enough for your family - and let me tell you, it'll be a lot less expensive than what most people are paying."

Along with Hillary's focus on universal health care, and tax reforms, her strategy includes education reforms.  "She also says we need to get rid of that 'no child left behind law' and put something in there that will work," he said.  "Now that's very important.  I'll tell you what, this is funny, this is the only political thing I will say all night -- I can give that line in any place in America and get applause.  You could drop me in the middle of Idaho where there's not a Democrat within 200 miles, and the elk would cheer that line."

Former President Clinton continues stumping across Texas, and will be in Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Laredo, and El Paso today.

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