Comanche County Sheriff's Office gets an upgrade

Comanche County_Comanche County officials have been talking about adding on to the Sheriff's office for years.  Finally, it's not just talk - it's going to happen.  Comanche County Commissioners awarded the bid Monday morning for an $85,000 renovation to the building, and offices will expand into the old jail to create more rooms and allowing space to house staff and their needed items.

New rooms for investigators, an interview room, and a conference room are on the list for upgrade and expansion.  But, the change isn't only for the department - it also benefits the public.  It will be a lot easier to solve cases when there is room for organization.

Right now, there is only space for six chairs in one tiny room, which leaves six people fighting for work space, and files that are barely accessible.  Work on the addition to the building will start soon, maybe even later this week.  Kenny Stradley says they need the space.

Some offices now have up to three investigators sharing one space, which makes it difficult to conduct interviews for cases.  "We've really been jammed up," he says.  "So we're really tickled that this is getting started, and we'll have a little more room down there.  A lot of times, there'll be another officer or investigator in the room, and we need to be able to handle each case where they can take the individuals into their office and talk to them," says Stradley.

In sixty days, investigators will have a new place to call home.  "You'll come in here, this will be an office...I can put 2 people in this," he says.  But, the upgrades don't stop there.  The Sheriff's Department also will go high-tech with the interview rooms.  Stradley says the rooms will be set up for taping interviews.

Believe it or not, the current building doesn't even have a conference room - a necessity when the tac team needs to meet.  "We usually have to go out to the parking lot and do our talking because we don't have a room," Stradley says.  "We will have a room for that."

The bid was awarded to "S" Construction, Incorporated, for $85,000, the lowest bid by over $20,000.

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