Altus party busted, authorities arrest nine

Altus_A party in Altus was busted after police heard the party was charging partygoers for beer, just as if it were a business.  Altus Police say they got word of the party, and when they got there, they found much, much more than folks selling beer without a license.  Authorities made several arrests for underage drinking, and adults selling alcohol to minors, plus marijuana possession.  A  19-year-old authorities say left her child in the car while she was inside partying was also arrested.

Police say it was supposed to be someone's surprise party - and, it was certainly a surprise for Altus Police.  Dianne and Tameka Goodson were the hosts of the party.  Police say when they got inside, Dianne was taking money at the door, and Tameka was taking money and selling drinks in another area of the building.  "Fliers that were being issued said that there was going to be a cover charge, and that the alcohol was going to be sold," said Detective Mike Turner of the Altus Police Department. "Which is basically operating a beer establishment or liquor establishment without being properly licensed."

Detective Mike Turner says his officers noticed several minors in attendance.  "Anytime you have children that are partaking in alcoholic beverages, it does get concerning," says Turner.  "Especially us in law enforcement, and when adults are assisting them in their partaking of the alcohol beverages."

Some were consuming alcohol, but, the most disturbing discovery came when one of the officers noticed a one-year-old child in a car seat in a vehicle in the parking lot.  Police say 19-year-old Iesha Booker claimed to be the child's mother, and according to court records, she says someone was supposed to be outside watching over the child.  Investigators say the child had to have been alone for more than 30 minutes because the car's engine was cool to the touch.

Police made approximately nine arrests, including Iesha Booker for child neglect.  At least one minor was cited for underage drinking, and the two party hosts were charged with selling alcohol without a license.  Other charges may be forthcoming.

Family members of the women who hosted the party tell 7News that the women were not familiar with laws in relation to alcohol sales, and were not aware alcohol got into the hands of minors.  They say the women consider it a lesson learned.

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