Suspected drug dealer arrested

Lawton_Lawton Police have arrested a suspected drug dealer.  They had been surveiling the suspects home for some time, and finally made an arrest.  The stake outs lead authorities to 21-year-old Ahmad Rashad Ramey's home in southwest Lawton.  In it, they found a small amount of cocaine, a gun, and a lot of cash.  Police say Ramey had planned to purchase more drugs.

After a search warrant was issued for Ramey's home in the 800 block of Southwest Sedalia, police say they found drug money; however, the suspect contends the money was his savings.  Authorities say they had been watching Ramey's home, and even neighbors had noticed a lot of traffic.  Ramey claims all the extra traffic was from friendly get-togethers.  "We have parties," says Ramey.  "I mean, we like to have know, man?  Of course if you got a lot of friends...a lot of parties going on."

Whatever was going on, it was enough to pique the interest of the special operations team.  Lt. Todd Palmer said there was enough activity to lead police to get a search warrant.  Once inside, investigators found about six grams of crack cocaine in the refrigerator, more than $10,000 in cash, a .22 caliber rifle, and a lot of paraphernalia.

Palmer says Ramey has admitted to selling drugs, and had sold all he had.  They say he planned to use the cash they found in his home to buy more drugs, and, in turn, sell them on the streets.  "Good arrest," says Palmer.  "Stopped it from hitting the streets.  Not only do you get the drugs off the streets, and take the cash from the drug dealers, it prohibits them from buying more drugs, and preventing those drugs from hitting the streets."  Palmer says Ramey also has gang ties, so his presence is widely known in the local gang and drug world.

Ramey says he never told police he had planned to use the cash for drugs.  He told 7News it was money he had earned from CD sales, and a loan he had been saving for his children.  "What am I going to take $10,000 for?  I got kids...I need diapers, wipes, know what I'm saying?  I gotta pay for all that," says Ramey.

One of Ramey's vehicles was impounded by police as evidence.  When asked about the cocaine found in his freezer, Ramey said he had no comment.  He was arrested on charges of possessing cocaine with the intent to sell, and was released on a $5,000 bond.  His next court appearance is scheduled for April 14.