Lawton man moves in to new home, burglar moves his stuff right back out

Lawton_A Lawton man moved into a new house Sunday, and a burglar moved his possessions right back out two days later.  At 911 Southwest 16th Street, Edward Hill was on the road driving his tractor trailer, and came home to find over $6,000 worth of his belongings missing.  The burglar was nowhere to be found.

The burglar had kicked in Hill's back door and made off with his belongings.  "Yesterday afternoon, just took two steps inside and my house was just torn all apart," he says.  His brand new washer and dryer, his flat screen TV, stereo system, and computer were all gone.  "About everything that I really needed in the house."

The burglar didn't stop there - the thief made off with some jewelry, too.  "There was six registered diamond rings missing out of here," Hill says.  He says he thinks the burglar kicked a hole in the wall looking for a safe.  But, the criminal may have left something behind - fingerprints from knives used to cut the cords on the washer and dryer.

Hill's neighbors say they didn't see a thing.  But, Hill says he thinks someone had to have been witness to the burglary.  "Somebody had to see them, I mean I'm not sure when it was done, if it was done night or day," Hill says.  "But, they had to have taken a washer and dryer, I forgot about that, out the front door."

He wants the burglar caught, but meanwhile he's not taking any chances.  "I'm gonna definitely bolster up the doors, go with a steel frame door in the back, and get my alarm system on for sure - and monitored," he says.

Hill counted more than twenty items missing.  The burglar even stole his sheets and pillows right off the bed.

If you have any information about this burglary, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.  As always you can remain anonymous and may even receive a cash reward if your tip leads to an arrest.