LPS to appeal retired teacher case

Lawton_The Lawton Public Schools District is appealing a recent court decision holding it liable for not upholding its contract with retired teachers.  79 retired teachers sued the school district for money they say they had been promised for retiring early.  They won the lawsuit in January.

When a Comanche County jury awarded the former teachers $1.4 Million.  Attorney for Lawton Public Schools, Chuck Wade, says the district disagrees with the jury's decision.  "The current board certainly feels that the board did not act in bad faith, and that there's no evidence in the record that was established bad faith on the part of the school board," he says.  "So, we're seeking to have the jury verdict overturned and decision rendered in favor of the school district."

After case transcripts are compiled, the Oklahoma Supreme Court will decide whether to take the case on, or send it to the Court of Civil Appeals.  Wade says it could be two years before a decision is reached.

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