Lawton man's neighbor arrested for stealing his stuff

Lawton_A Lawton man is behind bars after stealing from his own neighbor.  7News broke the story, and even spoke with the very neighbor accused of theft.  Jimmie Blake Jr., who has been arrested for the crime, denied knowing anything when 7News interviewed him.

Edward Hill moved into his new house, and two days later a burglar moved him right back out, and after our story ran, a call into Crimestoppers tipped off detectives who showed up to the Blake's house.  When the suspect's father let detectives into the home, that's when they discovered Hill's belongings.  Blake admitted to everything.

Last week, Hill had most of his belongings stolen - including his bed linens.  Now, he has almost all of it back - the brand new washer and dryer, surround-sound system, and more.  "I had no notion whatsoever of ever getting it back," says Hill.  "I just never thought it would happen.  I got my 32" LCD screen back, my 17" monitor, my computer...and, here, that's about it.  But, I got almost all of it returned.  I still have some rings to get back, some little odds and ends, but the majority of it is all back."

The crook also left a little something extra - evidence on Hill's camcorder.  He thought the camcorder was broken, but little did he know, it still records audio.  This is what was heard on the audio:  "This thing don't even work, fool.  It's got instructions in the box.  It needs to be charged up, fool.  Well duh, I'm working it right now there's no picture."

Police say Blake was not telling the truth when  7News interviewed him last week.  When asked about the crime he denied having seen such a thing.  But, when detectives showed up, Blake's father helped them out.  "The owner of the house was very cooperative, in fact pointed stuff out that he thought could have been stolen property," says Captain Will Hines of the Lawton Police Department.

Blake's father's help led detectives to uncover more than just this crime.  "There are some items Detective Davis found in the house that do belong to other burglaries," says Hines.  Hill says the police did a fantastic job.  He says they even found the washer, dryer, and TV, which had already been sold.  Although Hill didn't get back his wife's rings - he did get his pillow case back.

Police say Jimmie Blake Jr. was arrested and faces charges of Second Degree Burglary.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.