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Frederick HS coach fired despite reports of team doing well

Frederick_A Frederick High School coach was fired for what some say was doing his job.  School officials told Frank Moser that the girls' basketball team was not as successful as they had wished, and was fired as a result.  Family and friends packed the City Library and voiced their concern, which many say fell on deaf ears.  The discussion will continue in an executive session Thursday night.

The hiring and firing practices of any school is a personnel matter, so school officials couldn't comment on details.  However, Moser issued a statement to the School Board, and 7News was able to glean some information from the statement.  Moser declined to comment.

One parent who has a daughter on Moser's team says he knew the girls were becoming like family, and they were happy because they had found a coach they respected. 

According to the statement, Moser was told that he was let go because of a conflict of interest with Assistant Coach Mike Parsons who also is the school's Athletic Director.  Moser says he had many run-ins with Parsons - both on and off the basketball court.  On one occasion in his absence, according to the statement, Moser asked Parsons to conduct study hall with the girls prior to practice.  But, Moser says Parsons declined to conduct study hall with the girls, and said he didn't believe in it. 

According to Moser, Parsons didn't gel with the team, and that he sat at the end of the bench in isolation from the rest of the team on game days.  Moser says Parsons agreed that he felt he had a difficult time separating his two roles. 

Team members have voiced their concerns.  They hope Moser will stay with the team, which they say is now unstable.  One student says they have had three coaches in the span of three years. 

Despite the fact that the school told Moser he had not had a successful year, the record shows he has had a better season than in the past few years.  Right now, Moser is still employed as the girls softball coach, and the matter will be discussed behind closed doors.

Another coach also recently resigned from Frederick Public Schools - the high school boys' basketball coach.  This matter will also be addressed at Thursday's special meeting.

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