Distinguished Service Cross recipient tells story

Fort Sill_First Lieutenant Walter Jackson is only the seventh soldier since the Vietnam War to receive the Distinguished Service Cross.  He was awarded the honor of valor for his efforts in Iraq, and Monday he met with Fort Sill lieutenants to share the story that earned him the Distinguished Service Cross.  The award is second only to the Medal of Honor.

Standing before a group of soldiers, Lieutenant Jackson told the soldiers of how he was shot in the leg while lending aid to a fellow soldier who had just been shot.  While administering first aid to his comrade, he returned fire and was shot for a second time.  But, he says all he could think about was helping the other soldier.

At Fort Sill's "Forward Operating Base Kelly," soldiers stationed at the base learn what it takes to become a leader in combat - which is the reason for Jackson's visit.  He has undergone more than 12 surgeries since he was injured in combat, and now spends his time travelling, telling his story.  Jackson says he would do it all over again.

Jackson was injured in September, 2006, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross last November.  He is awaiting orders to oversee a Multiple Launce Rocket System platoon in Korea.