New town possibly emerging in Cotton County

Cotton County_A new town is beginning to emerge in Cotton County near the Red River because the draw of BRAC, along with two casinos, has caused a growth spurt in the area.  If it meets Oklahoma's state requirements, it could add a new community to the map.

The community is known as River Springs.  It has to have the infrastructure, and then become incorporated in order to become a city.  But, one thing is definitely certain, they have a lot of people travelling in and out of the area.

Robert Smith with the Southwest Oklahoma Regional Development Corporation (SWORD) says the area near the Kiowa and Red River Casinos is booming.  He says on Highway 36 alone, SWORD sees more than 6,000 visitors per day, and it has enough activity to become a city of its own.

SWORD is a non-profit agency that works with communities to help economic growth through resources and grants.  Smith says SWORD would help fund the building of an infrastructure in the area for the nearly 40 residents who live in the immediate area, and they're already building more housing.

The land is the only area off of the interstate that's not Tribal or Indian Trust land.  River Springs needs 1/3 of its registered voters to sign a petition in support of incorporating a town.  Smith says he already has the names he needs to move forward to the next step in the process.  So, he will take the petition to Cotton County officials for a vote on Monday.  If it receives approval, all residents of River Springs will come together to form a city government.

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