Take caution, flood waters can wreak havoc

Lawton_Heavy rains are sweeping across Texoma in a soggy start to the official flood season.  The devastating storms that ripped through the area last year caused massive damage.  So, 7News wants to remind you how to stay safe when the water begins to rise this National Flooding Awareness Week.

Flood waters can wreak havoc.  Floods caused a huge hole to open in Caddo County practically swallowing up a truck on Monday.  But, roadways washing out isn't the only thing of which to take caution.

High waters can seem deceptively shallow this time of year.  "We do not know how deep water is across roadways and creek beds," says Comanche County Emergency Management Director Clint Wagstaff.  "If you come across water 'turn around, don't drown', we don't want to lose anybody."

"Turn around, don't drown," is the slogan Comanche County Emergency Management hopes you'll follow, especially during this season.  Since dry ground doesn't immediately absorb the rain, flooding is inevitable.  "It typically soaks in a little bit and then quickly into the streams and rivers that you may see some flooding out of," says SkyWarn7 Meteorologist Justin Rudicel.

Comanche County Emergency Management wants to let the community know about areas that are flooding, or roads that are closed.  "We try to get that out through our website, through you guys (7News), and as many different ways as we can, so that everyone is informed in what areas are flooding, or what areas may be evacuated," says Comanche County Director Clint Wagstaff.  "The staff in EOC, we've been watching the weather since yesterday, keeping an eye on the rain total, and with the storms coming in, being prepared in case something does happen."

When it stops raining, it doesn't end flooding possibilities - sometimes lakes and rivers don't crest until hours after the rain.

Count on 7News to keep you updated on weather and road conditions.