Fort Sill soldier's bravery mentioned in President's speech

In the President's speech on Wednesday, he mentioned a familiar name - Spanky Gibson.  Gibson, who was stationed at Fort Sill, was honored with a special ceremony where he received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medial with a gold star.

Gunnery Sergeant William "Spanky" Gibson lost his leg after a sniper's bullet ripped through his knee after he jumped in the line of fire to save the life of a fellow Marine.  When a Marine General asked what he could do for Spanky - he asked to be redeployed to Iraq.  Gibson was deployed to Iraq in early January 2008, and he is now the first full leg amputee to return to the front lines.

"When Americans like Spanky Gibson serve on our side, the enemy in Iraq doesn't have a chance," said President Bush.  "We're grateful to all the men and women in our military who have served the cause of freedom."

The President said Spanky wanted to redeploy to show the people in Iraq that he wants to help in any way he can.