Go Fish!

Altus_Today was the perfect day to go fishing, but you would expect it to be in a swimming pool.  Yet 600 Rainbow Trout are swimming around in the Altus Air Force Base water park swimming pool.  It's a way to give Air Force families something to do together during spring break when the airmen can't take leave.

We've all heard the tale of the one that got away, but it didn't happen on this day - everyone came out a winner.  One of the biggest catches of the day came from Captain Brett Fish and family.  Yes - the family's last name is Fish!  The pool wasn't their usual fishing spot, but Fish says any time spent with the family is special.  "I think it's the importance of family," he says.  "We couldn't wait to get together.  Anytime you get a chance to spend with your kids, do it.

David Haston knows exactly what Fish is saying.  He'll be leaving his family soon for his next tour.  "I'm having to deploy, so this is a lot of time I'm going to get to spend with him.  It's fun," he says.

Being an airman is very demanding, and it's exactly why this event was held - for those who couldn't plan a trip for Spring Break.  Base Recreation Director Tim Case says the "Trout Derby" means more family time while learning a new hobby.  "Learn to bait and reel in a fish, is big part of mom and dad showing the kids how to fish," he says.

The fish that were dumped into the pool a week ago had nothing to eat until today, when each child dropped in their baited hooks.  This way, everyone walked away with a big catch.  At the end of the derby, each child was able to take their catch home.  Most said they didn't have to wonder what was for dinner tonight.  The trout derby is a four-day event that commenced on Thursday.