Lawton's "trash talk" isn't over

Lawton_Lawton's "trash talk" isn't over.  The Lawton City Council is tackling the issue again.  The issue is for residents with non-carted trash pick-up.  In January, the city amended the pick-up ordinance to three 35-gallon cans, or 6 bags, or any combination of the two.

The newest member of the council Jay Burk -who represents Ward 4 - says his residents aren't happy with the limit.  He says many are having problems with blowing trash and animals getting into the bags, and citizens are confused about the new rules - which is why he wants the city to amend the ordinance.  "I want us to do away with the three 35-gallon can proposal," he says.  "I want us to go back to picking up the trash like we always have in those areas that are non-carted. Pick up the trash, pick up the boxes."

Burk says there would still be a limit, though - a total capacity of 105-gallons - although it wouldn't matter how you put out the trash.

Another issue the council is tackling are large items for trash collection, such as mattresses and couches, that aren't put out during bulk clean up.  For those items, Burk is proposing a special collection.  After a warning from your regular trash collector, the service would pick up the item, and add a fee to your City of Lawton utility bill.  He says this would prevent items from sitting on the curb for weeks and weeks.

Count on 7News to let you know what the council decides.